Letter from our President
"A New Command I give you, Love one another as I have loved you, so you must love one another"
John 13:34.
It is with great JOY and LOVE from my HEART to be nominated and elected to SERVE as your 2024
Mississippi United Women in Faith (UWF) Conference President. I look forward in reaching out and
visiting with YOU in our seven Districts, along with members of our Mississippi UWF Conference
Leadership Team. Much Love and much Prayer is asked and needed from whomever will have the
opportunity to read our first Beacon for the year, that we as Mississippi United Women in Faith will be
putting forth an effort to conquer all the changes (realignment) that has been made by our Mississippi
Annual Conference in our seven Districts. With God's help, and our patience, we can move mountains.
Our Mississippi UWF Conference theme for this year is "Love one Another". With God's Love, and your
Love for one another we can take a stand and move forward in Jesus Name.
We have great events and programs already planned for this year that I am looking forward to, and
hopefully you will be looking forward too also. As you continue to read this February Beacon you will
notice we have started this year off with a Book Study, and with great attendance by Zoom. Please
notice and read our UWF 2024 Calendar in this Beacon, mark, and plan to attend the different events or
programs. As I close, our UWF Mission is devoted to uplifting women, children, and youth. Please
continue to PRAY!!
Much Love,
Kathleen Smith
Mississippi UWF Conference President